Announcement: Glendalynn Dixon brings her expertise to new Trustmakers public speaking course

Apr 17
How can you comfortably give an impactful speech or presentation without having to put on an artificial performance?

This is the question explored by Glendalynn Dixon* in Trustmakers’ new Public Speaking and Presenting training program.

The half-day workshop (virtual or in-person), supported by online instruction and resources, helps people to take the spotlight off themselves and put it on what matters – the ideas they want to communicate to their audience.

“I’m sure people will find this approach refreshing,” said Glendalynn. “Performance coaches will often fuss about you and your mannerisms, rather than on effectively communicating the ideas you want to get across.”

“We’re very happy to have Glendalynn on board for this course,” said John McKay of Trustmakers. “She is not only an experience speaker and presenter, but she also embodies our focus on authenticity, natural delivery, and effective communication.”

More information or to arrange a session: Brenda Bookbinder,, 613-699-2007 ext. 103.
Glendalynn Dixon is an instructor and facilitator specializing in change management, stakeholder consensus & communication. A former business intelligence professional and professor, she has helped global market leaders, hypergrowth organizations and non-profit associations leverage communication to successfully navigate challenging circumstances.
Fearlessly embracing the question "What if?", Glendalynn possesses a unique ability to uncover and address hidden risks within organizations. As a public speaker, Glendalynn intertwines the art of storytelling with the precision of her analytical background to uncover insights for audiences facing pivotal transitions.
Recognized as a community builder and advocate for equity in the technology sector, Glendalynn served as a mentor, advisor and chair for industry associations. See Glendalynn’s website at
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