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Technology, the pandemic and demographics have changed communications forever.

Posturing and performing are out
Being clear, honest and authentic is in

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INDIVIDUALS are pressured to write, speak and behave in a particular way. They are told by performance coaches to get rid of “ums” and “ahs”. They are told body language is everything so stand and gesture only in certain ways.

They are trained to use “action” words and phrases. They are encouraged to communicate in a self-serving way by using spin, deflection and evasiveness. They will look you in the eye and say “This is what I’m hearing you say…” when you know that they really aren’t listening and are focused only on their own agendas.
They are trained to be “professional business communicators”. They are trained to perform. They are instructed by extreme extroverts to behave like extreme extroverts. And then they join associations and give each other awards.

And those who don’t feel comfortable drinking that Kool-Aid become anxious, even terrified, because they can’t or won’t perform according to that narrow view. They feel like they are terrible communicators.

In fact, the opposite is true. Authenticity has power and impact. We can help.

Is it time for you and your organization to start building trust rather than destroying it? Is it time to show real outcomes from your communication investment? Is it time to stand out from the crowd? We can help.