Build trust and support through clear, authentic communication

Media / Communications Training for Professionals


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Self-Directed with Live Practice Session

Be clear, authentic and trusted without resorting to evasiveness and spin. This will change the way you communicate in the media and in front of every audience you need to reach.

Our sessions focus on what actually matters to the success of your exchange. We don’t subscribe to the “performance coaching” model. Rather, we help you be comfortable and effective without feeling like you must be something you’re not or “put on a show”.

What's included?

  • 9 self-directed modules
    w/exercises and 11 short videos
  • A live 30-minute interview practice session (including 2 realistic practice interviews), one-on-one with a former reporter  
  • 1 reference manual

Content includes:

  • remaining calm, relaxed and credible;
  • what news is and what reporters are looking for;
  • how reporters work;
  • the role of the spokesperson (incl. “the rules of the road”);
  • the need to use plain language, especially with complex or technical subjects;
  • the elements of a message, and how to prepare and deliver them effectively without sacrificing authenticity and accuracy;
  • non-verbal communication and its relative importance during an interview;
  • adapting to the different needs of the media and various audiences;
  • dealing with critical, complex or sensitive issues;
  • preparing for an interview and anticipating the questions;
  • dealing with muddled, difficult or persistent questions, and questions that can’t be answered; and,
  • handling aggressive interviewers.