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Media / Communications Coaching


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This course does not include the full eLearning course. This can be purchased separately.

Live Practice Session

This is a live 30-minute practice and coaching session. It is a great add-on to our other courses. It can also be taken as a standalone session, providing a refresher or just-in-time practice for a media interview. Booked in advance and conducted by videoconference or telephone.

Note: Longer sessions and/or session requiring more in-depth research are available. A cost-estimate can be provided upon request.

What's included?

  • A live 30-minute interview practice session (including 2 realistic practice interviews), one-on-one with a former reporter  
  • Feedback and discussion

Customized to your needs

  • Two practice interviews conducted by videoconference or telephone depending on your preference
  • Practical feedback and tips on plain language, message delivery and addressing the question
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  • Available in English or French or both
  • Easily booked using our built-in calendar