Media / Communications Training

Group Workshops

Small group of up to five participants, 3.5 hours: $2700

These group sessions are pre-arranged with a purchase order or service contract.
If you would like to arrange for a group session, please contact

What's included?

  • 4 self-directed modules
    w/exercises and 5 short videos
  • A live 3.5-hour workshop. This component includes two practice interviews, one in audio and one in video. 
  • 1 reference manual

Content includes:

  • remaining calm, relaxed and credible;
  • what news is and what reporters are looking for;
  • how reporters work;
  • the role of the spokesperson (incl. “the rules of the road”);
  • the need to use plain language, especially with complex or technical subjects;
  • the elements of a message, and how to prepare and deliver them effectively without sacrificing authenticity and accuracy;
  • non-verbal communication and its relative importance during an interview;
  • adapting to the different needs of the media and various audiences;
  • dealing with critical, complex or sensitive issues;
  • preparing for an interview and anticipating the questions;
  • dealing with muddled, difficult or persistent questions, and questions that can’t be answered; and,
  • handling aggressive interviewers.
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