Build trust and support through clear, authentic communication

Public Speaking and Presenting


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These are the four modules to be taken by participants prior to a live, group videoconference or in-person session. These group sessions are pre-arranged with a purchase order or service contract.

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Self-Directed with Self-Practice

Making an effective presentation or giving a briefing isn’t just about having good looking slides. Giving an engaging speech isn’t only about having a well written text. In both instances, it is also about understanding what you want to achieve, your audiences and, above all, yourself.

TRUSTMAKERS’ Public Speaking & Presenting will help you be engaging, interesting and comfortable in front of an audience, without having to “put on an act.”

What's included?

  • 4 self-directed modules
    w/exercises and 11 short videos
  • A half-day, small group workshop
  • 1 reference manual
  • 1 workbook

Content includes:

  • remaining calm, relaxed and credible;
  • building trust and credibility through clear communication;
  • the definition of an effective speaker/presenter;
  • how to set meaningful objectives for the presenter and the audience;
  • ideas - what they are and how to develop and use them as the key themes for your speech or presentation;

  • how to better understand your audience and tailor your content and delivery accordingly;
  • how to tell an effective story and structure your content so that audience can follow;
  • the use of language appropriate to the audience;
  • visual aids and speaking notes;
  • verbal and non-verbal delivery (tone, pace, body language, etc.);
  • handling question and answer sessions; and
  • handling disrupters and distracters.